Police Activity; Tuesday July 21, 2015

11:32 am Sunbury Road- Caller reports dog left unattended in a vehicle.  Gone prior to officer arrival.

1:09 pm Manila Drive- Officers stood by to keep the peace during a property exchange.

2:45 pm Panama Drive- Respond with Westerville Fire Department on a report of smoke in the area.  Fire was discovered to be a fire pit in a backyard.

2:45 pm BTPD- walk in report of possible internet scam.

3:45pm Sunbury Road- Caller reports shoplifters who fled with over $100 worth of merchandise.  The investigation resulted in identifying the suspect. With the assistance of Johnstown Police Department, the suspect was interviewed & confessed.   Criminal charges pending.

7:47pm Sunbury Road- Caller states several kids came into the store reporting a male in a truck had a gun.   Officers in the area did not locate the truck.  Officers looked for the kids to talk more in detail, but they left the area.

12:51am Cairo Drive- Group of teens causing a disturbance.  Officers located and identified 10 young people between the ages of 16-20 involved.  Report was taken.

False Alarms: 1, Dog Complaint: 1.