Police Activity; Wednesday July 22, 2015

9:20 am Morse Road-Disabled vehicle blocking the roadway.  Pushed out of the roadway.

12:28 pm Morse Road- panhandler on the lot of the business.   Officers made contact and he was asked to leave the area.

3:58 pm Cairo Road-Stand by to keep the peace.

5:47 pm –Westerville Road, Caller reports aggressive driver which she followed to a business.  Business owner requested she leave the property and they will address any wrongdoing by their driver.

6:20 pm- Westerville & 270-Caller reports debris in the roadway.   Nothing found.

6:31 pm Cairo Road- caller reports a neighbor dispute. 

9:24 pm 270/161 Fly over ramp, fatal crash involving a motorcyclist. 

11:00pm 270/161 Fly over ramp- relieved second shift officers from traffic detail on fatal crash.

11:48 pm Goldfinch Drive- caller reports foul odor.  Unable to determine cause other than a dead skunk  in the area.

11:53 pm Sunbury Road- caller reports suspicious vehicle.  Officers located unoccupied.  No enforcement at this time.

12:02 am- Transport prisoner to the jail.

12:36 am- Balboa Place- caller reports someone knocking on the rear door.  No one located.

1:39 am- Officers located two juveniles walking in the area of Dempsey Road/Paris Blvd.  Transported home and released to parents.

3:25 am- Brazzaville/Dakar Rd- Caller reports hearing a woman yell she had been shot.   Officers located two people playing with air soft guns.  No one was hurt. 

4:01 am- Sunbury Road- Caller wanted to report harassing and abusive behavior by a known person.  Determined to be located in another jurisdiction.

5:44 am- Kilbourne Avenue- Caller reports unwanted person banging on the door.  Officers arrived and located the person hiding in the trees.  Subject was arrested and charged with violating a protection order.

Non-Injury Hit Skip Crash: 1, Medical Assist: 2, Juvenile Complaint: 1, Domestic Dispute: 1