Police Activity; Tuesday July 28, 2015

9:27am – Report of a suspicious male walking on Walnut Street. Same gentlemen from several recent calls. Sometimes barefoot, sometimes wearing shoes. Prolific walker. He looks a bit disheveled so people often think he is disoriented. He stops often to take breaks and either lays down on the ground or hops in place. He regularly walks great distances all over Franklin County. He has multiple relatives in the area which results in our crossing paths often.

11:16am – Report of a parked car hit-skipped on Dahlgreen Dr. sometime during the day on July 27th.

12:04pm – Another call on the “barefoot man” walking on Walnut Street. Officers again checked the area but this time did not locate him in the Township.

4:40pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

9:39pm – Non-injury crash on the lot of Glengary Center. Car struck a motorcycle. Driver (female, age 50) arrested for OVI.

11:39pm – Report of two dogs running loose on Sagebrush Ct. Officers checked the area  but were unable to locate the dogs.

12:25pm – Rock thrown through the window at a closed business on Cleveland Ave. Officers checked the business; no entry, no loss. Vandalism only.

Other; 1 domestic dispute.