Police Activity; Thursday July 30, 2015

8:48am – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

8:49am -  Non-injury crash; Sunbury & Valley Quail South.

12:48am – Report of a suspicious person at a vacant house on Purplefinch Ct. Home inspector.

4:47pm – Report of a man staggering in the road on SR3 s/o SR161. Medical condition. Medics took over.

6:11pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

6:22pm – Report of two bicycles stolen from a back yard on Kilbourne Ave sometime in the last two weeks.

8:17pm – Sunbury n/o Dempsey. Subject being stopped for a traffic violation by Westerville Police jumped out and ran into the woods. Blendon, Westerville and Columbus police responded. Subject apprehended on Chimney Rock Dr. in Little Turtle. A dropped firearm was also recovered on his path through the woods.

8:40pm – Property owner on Schott Rd. found a suspicious female subject on his property who refused to leave. Subject thought the property was part of Hoover Dam Park. Officer explained it was private property and the subject left.

11:42pm – Suspicious persons reported by a tow truck driver on the lot of a business on Westerville Rd. Area checked, not located.

Friday (early morning hours)

1:10am – Chatham Ridge e/o Sunbury Rd.  Car stopped for weaving & almost striking the BTPD cruiser at Sunbury and Valley Quail North. Driver (female, age 38) arrested for OVI.

1:17am – Car in a ditch on Cubbage Rd.

4:52am – BTPD Officer on patrol found a vehicle door open on Rangoon Dr. and contacted the owner. Report of items stolen from the vehicle.

Other; 1 traffic complaint, 1 found property, 1 false alarm, 1 lockout.