Police Activity; Tuesday August 11, 2015

8:57 am Dempsey & Rt. 3 – Car blocking the roadway.  Gone prior to arrival

9:21 am Westerville Road – caller repots tires taken from a vehicle overnight.

9:59 am Madrid Drive – caller requested police during a civil dispute.

6:15 pm Makassar Drive – caller reports door to door sales.  Officer located, verified they are with a non- profit.

7:32 pm Balboa/Balboa Place - caller report suspicious vehicle.  Officer located and discovered it was the same non-profit subjects getting picked up.

8:57 pm Ridgewood Park – caller repots lights on in the shed.  Officer located Blendon Township service department spraying for mosquitoes.

11:34 pm  Manila Drive – Caller stated 5  male juveniles were looking into cars. Area checked, unable to locate. Contact made with caller who stated the males were in the area approximately 90 minutes ago and he had not personally observed them. Caller stated he was told about the group by his neighbor.  

12:19 am Arnett Road - Caller stated they heard someone attempt to open door, then heard a knock at the door and saw a tall skinny male white wearing light blue shorts and a gray t-shirt.  This subject then left in a vehicle.  Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

2:07 am Sunbury Road – caller reports a male subject was in the store and was known to steal items.  Gone prior to police arrival.

5:34 am Brazzaville Drive – While on patrol officers observed several subjects with flashlights around a vehicle.  Officers conducted an investigation and impounded suspected marijuana.  Charges pending.

Open Door: 3, False Alarms: 1, Medical Assist: 1, Domestic Dispute: 1.