Police Activity; Wednesday August 12, 2015

6:58 am Hunt Club Drive – Caller reports suspicious person walking in the area.  Officer located and identified teen that was a runaway.  Released to his mother.

7:00 am – Transport prisoner to jail.

10:30 am Westerville Road – report of a theft by former employee.

1:35 pm Westerville Road – shoplifter gone prior to police arrival.  Report taken.

3:57 pm Blendon Township Police Department – citizen walked in to report a lost license plate.

5:41 pm 161/Sunbury – Motorist out of gas.  Checked and they have help on the way.

6:23 pm Walnut/Cubbage Roads- shots fired.  Officers located the source and confirmed target practice.

8:16 pm Cairo Road- report of vehicle driving around at a high rate of speed.  Officers circulated and located possible vehicle. 

2:48 am Buenos Aires Boulevard- caller reports two car alarms going off.  Officer located owners and advised.

Open Doors: 2.