Police Activity; Thursday August 13, 2015

8:51 am Cairo/Dempsey Roads – caller requests to verify the traffic light is functioning properly. It was.

9:41 am Paris Court – caller reports a suspicious vehicle that was unoccupied.  Made contact with owner.  Will have the vehicle moved soon.

9:58 am Corporate Drive/Rt. 3 – non injury crash.

10:49 am Buenos Aires/161 – non injury crash

1:34 pm Hoover Reservoir – caller reports several teens smoking possible marijuana.  Officer had to pull for an emergency run.

2:00 pm Rt. 3 /270 – injury crash involving a motorcycle. Life threatening injuries.

3:01 pm Dempsey Road – disabled vehicle.  Gone prior to arrival.

4:06 pm Rt.3/161- non injury crash

5:25 pm Sunbury Road – assist motorist who locked keys in the car.  Entry gained.

6:23 pm Hoover reservoir – keep the peace during a civil dispute

6:26 pm Makassar Drive- report of a theft.

7:51 pm Purplefinch Court – caller requests a check on an abandoned vehicle.  Officer made contact with owner. Not abandoned.

8:09 pm Clybourne Road - report of a possible drunk driver.  Officer located the vehicle and discovered driver was just a student learning how to drive.

8:38 pm Lisbon Place – caller concerned that someone may have attempted to open a window to gain entry.  Evidence impounded.

Juvenile Complaint: 1.