Police Activity; Wednesday August 26, 2015

11:42 am – Report of a man riding an ATV on Dakar Rd W. Area checked, not located.

1:26 pm - Barking dog complaint on Karikal Dr. Anonymous caller, area checked, unable to locate.

1:56 pm – Customer dispute at a business on Cleveland Ave. Officers mediated a peaceful resolution.

6:58 pm – Solicitors on Mexico Ave. Both had Westerville permits and said they thought they were in Westerville. Advised.

8:22 pm – Possible shots or fireworks reported heard in the area of Ridgewood Park. Area checked, nothing found.

8:40 pm – Injured deer on Sunbury Rd. It ran off into the woods upon contact.

Other; 1 parking complaint, 2 false alarms, 1 juvenile complaint, 2 missing juveniles (both teens, both returned later that night), 1 domestic dispute.