Weekend Police Activity; July 31 -Aug 2, 2015


7:39am -Report of a vehicle ransacked on Saigon Dr. overnight. Nothing taken.

8:11am – Report of three cars gone through on Rangoon Dr. overnight. Loose change taken.

9:46am – Road rage at SR3 & I-270. Driver got our and struck the caller’s window with his hand. Area checked, unable to locate.

10:06am -Suspicious parked car on Pasque Ct. Contacted owner who said a relative has the car. Unknown why it was parked there.

4:56pm – Traffic violator on Executive Parkway. Fictitious plates and no operator’s license. Driver (male, age 29) arrested.

8:01pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Sunbury Rd.

Other Friday; 1 traffic complaint, 1 medical issue, 1 roommate dispute, 1 domestic dispute, 3 juvenile complaints.


12:01am – Traffic violator at SR3 & Paris Blvd. Driver (female, age 44) arrested for driving under suspension and expired tags.

12:51am – Suspicious person checked at Glengary Center. No charges. He moved on.

2:08am – Two intoxicated female adults sitting on the curb at Sunbury Plaza. Officer offered to drive them home. On the way, they began arguing and one woman assaulted the other in the back of the cruiser. Offender charged with assault and transported to jail. Victim refused medical treatment and was taken home.

5:20am – Two Suspicious persons checked at Glengary Center. No charges. They moved on.

6:17am – Woman in red Pontiac feeding feral cats again on Westerville Rd. Advised she will be charged if she continues. Health and Code Departments advised of second violation.

9:49am – Responded with Fire Dept. to a gas leak on Buenos Aires Blvd.

12:05pm – Report of two suspicious male adults in the Sunbury Woods Commons. Made contact. No charges.

1:38pm - Responded with Fire Dept. to a gas leak on Paris Blvd.

4:06pm – Assist Loss Prevention with a shoplifter who was apprehended at a business at Sunbury Plaza.

5:30 - 8:30pm - Ridge-a-Palooza neighborhood festival.

9:42pm – Loud large group in Ridgewood Park. Advised that the park closed at dark. All advised to depart.

10:19 – Persons in Ridgewood Park. Advised that the park closed at dark. All advised to depart.

11:09pm – Report of a male and female adult in a verbal altercation at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Male left the female at the station. Officer gave the female a ride to a safe location.

Other Saturday; 2 open doors, 1 assist other agency, 1 missing adult, 1 domestic violence (arrested at another location), 3 false alarms.


7:53am - Report of items taken out of a vehicle overnight on Bogata Dr.

8:56am – Report of loud construction on Bunting Ct. Officer talked to the work crew. Anonymous complaint.

3:59pm – Driver stopped for running stop sign on Westerville Rd. Charged with possession of Marijuana and the traffic violation.

7:48pm – Report of three vehicles ransacked on Brazzaville Dr. Items missing from one of them.

Monday (early morning hours)

2:55am – Dome light found on in a vehicle on Lima Dr. Accidental by owner.

3:18am – Trunk found open on a vehicle on Manila Dr. Accidental by owner.

Other Sunday; 1 wellbeing check, 1 medical issue, 4 false alarms, 1 domestic violence (arrested at another location), 1 open garage door.