Police Activity; Wednesday August 5, 2015

11:28 am Clybourne Road, caller reports capturing a male on a security camera rummaging through unlocked vehicles in the area.

11:28 am Beauty Rose Avenue, caller reports a suspicious person attempted to open her screen door after knocking repeatedly. Officers located the person who reports he was knocking on doors for grass cutting jobs in the neighborhood.

1:54 pm Dakar Road, two resident’s report their vehicles were gone through overnight and property was taken.

4:59 pm Executive Parkway keep the peace regarding a civil dispute.

6:02 pm Westerville Road assists with traffic control on an injury crash.

6:53 pm 161/270 report of juveniles on the freeway.  Gone prior to arrival.

11:57 pm Oslo Drive, search for a wanted person in the area.  Unable to locate.

12:16 am Panama Drive, officer located a vehicle with car door open and no one around.  Made contact with owner. 

 12:50 am Stockholm Drive, suspicious person walking in the area with a backpack. Officer located and conducted an interview.

False Alarms: 2, Non Injury Hit Skip: 1, Domestic Dispute: 1.