Police Activity; Thursday August 6, 2015

8:58 am – Delivered a message to a Huber Ridge resident to let him know his wallet was recovered by Columbus Police.

10:49 am – Called to assist Fire Department on Smothers Rd. Cancelled in route.

10:54 am – Assist Genoa Twp. PD. BTPD went to an address near Hoover Dam and recovered a cell phone that had been reported stolen. Turned out to be a misunderstanding. Wrong phone picked up by mistake by an elderly person.

12:18 pm – Hempstead Road; Suspicious male, white subject in a multi-colored Toyota truck. Subject stopped, and got out and looked at the caller’s car. Area checked, not located.

3:48pm – Report of a suspicious male with two children, walking on SR3. Area checked, unable to locate.

9:11 pm – Traffic violator at Sunbury & Valley Quail South; charged with fictitious tags and driving under suspension. (Male, age 26).

10:07 pm – Responded to a house near Hoover Dam to assist resident in removing an unwanted bat. The creature escaped prior to police intervention.

Friday (early morning hours)

1:32 am – Car on fire; SR161 & Sunbury Rd. Not a crash.

Other; 2 false alarms, 1 traffic complaint, 1 parking complaint.