Police Activity; Monday August 31, 2015

11:06 am – Report from a resident of a sign missing at Ridgewood Park. On investigation it turned out that our Road Dept. had removed the sign.

12:07 pm – Barking dog complaint on Carthage Ct. Owner advised.

12:34 pm – School officials reported a suspicious car parked at Wilder School. A parent reported they believed that a man got out of that same car and walked into the woods adjacent to the school. No unauthorized persons were inside of the school. Officers checked the car and walked through the woods and the neighborhood looking for the man who reportedly got out of the suspicious car. BTPD Officers found the man who walked into the woods. He works at a nearby business and walks every day during lunch. He was not associated with the suspicious car. Later it was determined that the “suspicious” car was driven to school that day by a school employee. Not their normal vehicle.

Other; 1 parking complaint, 2 assist other agency (notifications), 1 suicide attempt.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

2:26 am – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd. A semi-truck attempting to make an illegal U-turn struck another semi-truck.