Police Activity, Thursday September 10, 2015

**NOTE- Due to vacations, the daily police activity will continue but dates and regular posting times may vary**

10:15am - Resident reports receiving persistent and unwanted calls and text messages from unknown party.

10:37am - Jordan Rd. (Minerva Park); assisted MPPD officers in locating a subject involved in a possible burglary.  Suspect was located and identified by BTPD officers.  MPPD determined no theft/damage occurred, subject released.

11:42am - SR 3/Dempsey Rd.; male, white described as approximately 5'10" and 120lbs attempted to take items from lawn care vehicle.  Suspect was confronted and left without taking anything.  Unable to locate suspect.

12:56pm - Paris Blvd.; Non-injury crash occurred earlier in the day.

3:17pm - Gentlewind Dr./Hempstead Rd.; BTPD officers assisted Westerville PD officers in locating a known subject running from the scene of a domestic disturbance, who also had a warrant.  Located, chased and captured by BTPD on Batavia Ct. and turned over to Westerville PD. 

4:43pm - Paris Blvd N./Manila Dr.; suspicious white male wearing tan hat and shirt, appeared lost.  Unable to locate.

8:35pm - Sunbury Plaza; damage to coin operated machines.  Investigation continues.

Other:  2 dog complaints, 1 false alarm, 1 suicide threat, 1 open door, 1 light left on inside auto.