Police Activity, Friday and Saturday, September 11 & 12, 2015

Friday, 9/11

12:38pm - SR 3 near I270; Vehicle fire, no injuries.

4:44pm - Cleveland Ave; Non-injury crash which occurred on private property.  Information exchanged.

7:17pm - I270 s/b ramp to SR 161 e/b; Two-car crash with life-threatening injuries.  FCSO investigating. 

11:07pm - Theft of beer from a business on Morse Rd. 

11:56pm - SR 3/Paris Blvd; Disabled vehicle pushed off roadway.

2:18am - Thrasher Loop; Noise complaint of loud generator.  Source located, generator was running a pump to keep basement from flooding. 

Other:  1 parking complaint, 1 open door, 1 false alarm, 2 juvenile complaints, 3 assists to other agencies.


Saturday, 9/12

8:56am - I270 s/b ramp to SR 161 e/b; Injury crash, FCSO investigating.

11:43am - SR 3/Dempsey Rd.; Three-car, injury crash. 

12:53pm - Sunbury Rd./Executive Pkwy; disabled vehicle blocking a lane.  Assisted with traffic until tow truck arrived.

5:43pm - SR 3/Dempsey Rd.; stopped lost, elderly driver for traffic violation. Officers determined she was unsafe to be driving and gave her a ride home.  A retest of driving privileges was ordered through BMV. 

6:33pm - Sharon Woods Metro Park; Fight between two parties, one of which had a screwdriver.  Assisted with locating and identifying parties involved.  Determined there was minor injury from a fight, but no "stabbing".  Sharon Twp investigating. 

10:08pm - Theft of items from business in Sunbury Plaza.  Two males, fled in maroon sedan. 

11:27pm - Lee Rd. near Walnut St.; Non-injury crash.

1:35am - Montevideo Rd.; Noise complaint, advised.

1:54am - Theft of beer from business on Morse Rd.

2:24am - Madrid Dr./Buenos Aires Blvd.; Suspicious persons in area throwing a ball across the roadway, unable to locate. 

3:13am - SR 161 e/b at Sunbury Rd.; OVI arrest.  Female, age 31. 

Other:  2 open doors, 1 false alarm, 2 noise complaints (unfounded), 1 assist other agency, 1 parking complaint, 1 domestic dispute, 1 suicide threat.