Police Activity; Sunday September 13, 2015


9:56 am 161/Sunbury Road- non injury crash.

10:08 am Bolamo Drive- theft from vehicle overnight. Report taken.

11:04 am- Karikal Drive- theft from a motor vehicle overnight.  Report taken.

11:44 am Bolamo Court- theft from a vehicle overnight.  Refused report.

12:33 Executive Parkway- lockout.  Entry gained.

2:09 pm Ashbury Road- vehicle parking complaint.  Gone prior to arrival.

2:42 pm Panama Drive- report of harassment.

3:02 pm Westerville Road- called to keep the peace during a civil dispute.

4:04 pm Westerville Road- caller reports suspicious activity.  Unfounded.

4:31 pm Dempsey Road- caller turned in a found wallet. Returned to owner.

7:34 pm Sunbury Road- report taken for theft.

8:30 pm Sunbury Road- caller found cell phone.  Cancelled en route.

Medical Assist: 1.