Police Activity; Thursday September 17, 2015

8:57 am Cairo/Dempsey- check to verify the traffic light it cycling properly.  It was.

10:30 am Minerva Lake Road- assists other agency.

1:55 pm Spohn Drive- well being check.  No one home.  House was secured.

4:09 pm Westerville Road- keep the peace during a civil dispute.

6:52 pm  Sunbury Road – caller reports someone broke in the house and stole electronics.

7:52 pm Karikal Drive- caller reports someone stole a bike from the garage. Report taken.

8:46 pm E. Dublin-Granville Road – three vehicles ransacked and items stolen. Reports pending.

10:01 pm Cairo Road- caller reports several juveniles running through backyards and jumping fences.  Found to be playing hide and seek.

11:59 pm – Cleveland/161- assist other agency attempt to locate a known wanted person who fled.  He got away , for now.

1:06 am Montevideo Drive – officer located vehicle with dome light on.  Verified with owner appears nothing is missing.

3:18 am Paris Blvd. - flagged down on lost motorist.  Provided directions.

4:06 am Westerville Road – officers discovered two people sleeping in a vehicle on the lot.  One occupant was intoxicated; the other didn’t have a license.  Both given a ride to a hotel.

5:14 am Cherokee Rose Drive- officer discovered person asleep in a car with the headlights on and windows down.  Occupant was dropped off earlier and didn’t have keys, opted to sleep in the car. Juvenile Complaint: 1, Open Door: 1 Domestic Dispute: 1.