Weekend Police Activity; 18-19-20 September 2015


8:02 am – Road rage on Lee Road. Driver stopped and confronted the driver of a tree service truck. Aggressive driver gone on arrival.

9:21 am – Report of a German Shepherd mix being aggressive to another dog on Buenos Aries Blvd. Gone on arrival.

5:14 pm – Juveniles threw rocks damaging a vehicle at a business on Morse Rd.

6:23 pm – Injury Crash; SR3 & Dempsey Rd.

Other Friday; 1 assist other agency (alarm), 3 suicide threats (all 3 unrelated), 1 identity theft, 1 identity theft attempt, 1 medical, 1 traffic complaint, 1 missing juvenile (returned), 1 missing juvenile (located) [missing juveniles not related], 1 neighbor dispute, 1 domestic dispute.


3:05 am – BTPD Officer observed a suspicious vehicle in Huber Ridge and turned to follow. Driver turned off his lights and fled, zig-zagging down several streets before jumping out and running on Natalie Ct. Driver and passenger found hiding in bushes. Driver; male, age 18, arrested for no operator’s license. Passenger; male juvenile, released to a parent.

8:09 am – Sign knocked down on Bolamo Dr.

9:21 am – Report of a vehicle scratched by a key overnight on Sunlawn Dr.

12:11 am – Assist other agency; pedestrian struck, driver arrested. Walnut and New Albany Rd.

1:43 am – Officer observed and made contact with two adult males walking on Karikal Dr. One lives nearby.

2:05 am - Officer observed a vehicle parked in the driveway of a vacant house on Scissortail Loop. Turned out to be a neighbor’s vehicle. House secure.

3:52 pm – Located the vehicle that damaged a sign overnight (Bolamo Dr.), on Montevideo Rd. Continuing to search for the driver.

8:02 pm – Resident reported an “unfriendly knock” on the front door on Rockingham Ct. Area checked, nothing located.

Other Saturday; 4 open doors, 1 noise complaint, 1 juvenile complaint, 2 custody disputes.


12:51 am – Dome light found on in a vehicle on Bitterroot Dr. Accidental by owner.

2:39 am – Officer observed and contacted an adult male walking on Buenos Aires Blvd. at Panama Dr. Just “out walking” did not have a destination, did not live in the area. Subject accepted the Officer’s offer of a ride to a different (non-residential) location. Subject was left in a 24-hour restaurant where he said he could get a ride from a friend.

5:04 am – Two adult males on the Minerva Park golf course. Paper carrier reports they threatened him with a gun. Subjects stopped by BTPD and FCSO leaving the area. Subjects stated that they had just witnessed a shooting in Columbus. No gun found. Arrested for drugs, car impounded. Info passed on to Columbus PD and Minerva Park PD.

7:29 pm – Suspicious person & vehicle illegally parked, observed and contacted on Oslo Dr. Said he was visiting someone, only knew them by a nickname. Subject checked for warrants and driving status. No charges, followed out of the neighborhood.

Other Sunday; 2 open doors, 1 false alarm, 1 medical, 1 juvenile, 1 suicide threat.

Monday (early morning hours)

12:32 am – Assist FCSO on shots fired on Lee Rd. Hunters found on land without permission.

1:24 am – Report of a male subject going through cars on Minerva Ave. BTPD Officers located a pedestrian in the area matching the description. He had no stolen property on him and no vehicle owners reported a loss. Subject identified. No charges.