Weekend Police Activity; September 25- 26- 27, 2015


12:31 pm Buenos Aires Blvd.; despondent adult male ran from BTPD. Subject ran through the school yard and eluded officers in the neighborhood for a brief amount of time before he was apprehended. School officials conducted a "lock in" as a precaution.

3:40 pm Sunbury Road; lockout on a vehicle, entry gained.

5:44 pm Smothers Road; caller reports hearing gunfire.   Unable to locate origin.

6:41 pm Dempsey & Hemsptead; caller reports debris in the road.  Nothing found.

8:28 pm 161/Sunbury; Non injury crash.  Parties exchanged info.

9:53 pm Sunwood Place; resident report all ok after officers discovered the door open.

11:46 pm Morse/Sunbuy; Assist CPD with injury crash.

1:04 am Clybourne Road; caller heard one gunshot.  Unable to locate origin.

2:27 am Sunbury Road; OVI arrest.

5:48 am Sunbury/Valley Quail Blvd. S.; injury crash.

False Alarm: 1.


3:16 pm Area of Dempsey/Hempstead; caller heard a female screaming.  Unable to locate.

3:24 pm Rt.#3/270; injury crash.

5:26 pm Panama Drive; caller reports damage to a vehicle. Report taken.

5:49 pm Sunbury Road; shoplifter in custody.  Loss prevention to file charges.

7:34 pm Buenos Aires Blvd.; caller reports juveniles smoking on the lot.  Gone prior to arrival.

9:35 pm Adda Ave.; non injury crash.

11:08 pm Purple Finch Ct.; caller reports a suspicious vehicle.  Checked by officer, appeared ok.

11:31 pm Morse Road; caller reports two suspicious males possible casing the store.  Another customer came in and ran them off.  Investigation pending.

4:26 am Wildwood/Westbridge; caller reports suspicious vehicle.  Officer located and made contact with occupants.  Released without incident.

5:45 am Rockingham Ct.; caller reports person attempted to gain entry through an unlocked window, dog barked and the subject fled.   With the assistance of several additional police officers, a search of the area was conducted however the subject was not located.  Report taken.

False Alarm: 4, Animal Complaint: 1.


8:33 am Vickers Ct.; caller reports loud boom.  Discovered to have been a transformer blew.  WFD & AEP responded.

1:30 pm Morse Road; caller reports what he thought was a theft of fuel, however it was discovered the customer paid.

2:04 pm Madrid Dr.; caller reports trouble with 911 line.  Will follow up with FCSO call center.

3:59 pm BTPD; walk in report of a damage to a vehicle. 

12:01 am Westerville Road;  caller reports white truck occupied by a male who was acting “fidgety”, left S/B Westerville road, unable to locate.

12:16 am BTPD; caller requested info on how to obtain impounded property. Advised.

5:07 am Batavia Rd.; caller reports suspicious vehicle.  Officer located and made contact with the driver.  All ok.

Juvenile Complaint: 1, False Alarm: 2, Open Door: 1.