Weekend Police Activity; Friday-Monday, 8-11 January 2015


09:39am - Sunbury Plaza; reported unknown disturbance at business.  All ok on arrival.

10:35am - 5000 blk of SR 3.; report of employee theft from a business.  Investigation continues.

11:00am - SR 3/Morse Rd.; non-injury crash. 

11:35am - 2600 blk Woodley Rd. (Minerva Park); Suspicious vehicle with a subject taking pictures.  Officers located the vehicle and found it to be the Minerva Park Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer. 

1:19pm - 4000 blk of Stelzer Rd.; BTPD officers attempted to serve felony warrant after receiving a tip.  Subject not located.

3:36pm - 4300 blk SR 3; reported theft from business.  Charges filed on male, age 47.

4:36pm - 6200 blk of Sunbury Rd.; BTPD officers met victim of threats/harassment ongoing in Plain Twp.  Turned information over to Franklin County Deputy for report. 

6:14pm - SR 161/SR 3; injury crash.

7:08pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; employee reported damage to locks on business storage area. 

8:11pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; alarm drop at business.  Officers found forced entry.  BTPD Detectives processed scene; investigation continues.

9:15pm - Manila Dr.; residents found open door when they returned home.  Officers checked residence, nothing missing, no signs of forced entry. 

9:24pm - Sunbury Rd./SR 161; non-injury crash. 

11:28pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; alarm drop at business.  Officers found forced entry.  Related to previous incident, investigation continues. 

12:55am - 6000 blk of SR 3; subject found walking in area.  Officers gave a courtesy ride home. 

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 medical, 2 well-being checks.



9:05am - SR 161/I270; injury crash.

9:30am - Lee Rd/Ravine Dr.; Hunting complaint.  Officers made contact with subject who had permission from land owner. 

5:47pm - Valley Quail Blvd; resident heard noise from inside home.  Officer checked and verified all was in order. 

12:37am - Valley Quail Blvd; officers made a traffic stop and another vehicle stopped behind the officer.  Original driver (juv) charged with license violations.  Subject who stopped behind the officer, a male age 37, was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for OVI and Drug paraphernalia. 

OTHER:  1 vehicle lockout, 3 false alarms.



11:43am - I270/Dempsey Rd.; officer assisted a motorist with changing a flat tire. 

1:48pm - Noise complaint from apartments on Executive Pkwy.  Advised. 

2:32pm - Forest Edge Dr.; BTPD officers assisted in felony warrant arrest of female with FCSO deputies.  Arrested without incident.

4:08am - 6000 blk of SR 3; theft of items from business.  Report declined.

5:48am - Buenos Aires Blvd; resident reports his vehicle was stolen while warming it up in driveway.  Investigation continues.

OTHER:  4 false alarms, 1 domestic disturbance, 1 vehicle lockout.



12:22pm - SR 161/I270; disabled vehicle.  Roadside assistance already enroute.

7:00pm - Glengary Center; male subject attempted to steal alcohol from business.  Subject was stopped prior to completing the theft, and given trespass warning not to return.

7:21pm - Resident reported receiving a fraudulent check when she signed up to be a mystery shopper. 

1:00am - SR 3/SR 161; OVI arrest, male at 38. 

3:57am - SR 3/SR 161; lost driver needed directions.

OTHER:  1 911 hang-up, 1 vehicle lockout, 1 false alarm, 1 medical assist.  *Resident reported vehicles were rummaged through on Paris Blvd. North overnight Sunday.  Remove valuables and secure your vehicles.*