Police Activity; Tuesday January 19, 2016

11:40 am – Dog at large (beagle) on Brazzavile Rd. Officer located the dog and returned it to the owner.

12:45 pm - Concealed Carry Permit holder reported that he left his handgun in a rest room toilet stall at a business in Sunbury Plaza yesterday (Monday) at approximately 12:30 pm. He returned shortly after he discovered it was missing and the handgun was gone. He contacted the manager who said no handgun was found by employees or turned in by customers. Under investigation.

1:44 pm – Injury crash; SR161 & SR3.

3:55 pm – Report of a suspicious person at a business on Morse Road. Gone on arrival.

4:01 pm – Customer dispute at a used car lot on Westerville Rd. Mediated and resolved by Officer.

11:20 pm – BTPD assisted Columbus Police who were looking for a missing 15 year old female. BTPD Officers checked 4 addresses in Blendon Township. Not located.

Other; 1 medical issue, 1 false alarm, 1 barking dog.