Holiday Weekend Police Activity; 12/31/15 - 1/3/16

Thursday (New Year’s Eve)

8:45 am – Report of an attempted B & E to a business on Westerville Road.

8:20 pm – Caller thought they heard a prowler at a residence on Cairo Road. Area checked, nothing found.

Other Thursday; 3 false alarms, 1 domestic dispute, 2 medical issues.

Friday (New Year’s Day)

12:33 am – Suspicious persons on the lot of a business on Westerville Road. Officer located the subjects who were on the lot during closed business hours.

3:30 am – Report of shots heard on Minerva Avenue. Area checked, nothing found.

6:29 am – Report of a female stumbling and falling in the roadway on SR161 between Sunbury and Little Turtle. Officers located the intoxicated female who was transported by Medics.

6:58 pm – Vehicle ran the stop sign at Valley Quail North and Sunbury Road almost striking a BTPD cruiser. Female driver, age 41, arrested for driving under suspension.

Other Friday; 1 false alarm, 1 parking complaint.


1:09 am – Traffic violator stopped at SR161 & SR3. Driver (male, age 18) arrested for an outstanding OVI warrant and falsification and possession of drug abuse instruments. Passenger (male, age 22) cited for open container.

2:42 am - Traffic violator stopped at SR161 & I-270. Driver (male, age 22) arrested for driving under suspension.

8:46 am – Report that a car was ransacked on Saigon Drive over night. Unknown loss.

8:49 am – Non-injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

1:31 pm – Report of a baseball thrown through a window of a vacant home on Yellowhammer.

6:48 pm – A man walking home to Knox County from the Franklin County Jail asked for a ride. BTPD Officer transported him to Delaware County, next jurisdiction advised.

9:58 pm - Traffic violator stopped on SR3 s/o Dempsey. Multiple active arrest warrants for traffic violations. Driver (male, age 23) arrested and transported to jail.

10:09 pm – Injury crash; SR3 & Dempsey Road.

Other Saturday; 3 false alarms, 1 identity theft, 1 medical issue, 1 stand-by for property.


2:02 am - Traffic violator stopped at SR161 & Sunbury. Driver (female, age 23) charged with driving under suspension.

8:29 am – Report of an injured deer on Schott Road. Area checked, not located.

3:29 pm - Traffic violator stopped at SR161 & Sunbury. Driver (male, age 67) charged with driving under suspension.

8:38 pm – Report of a group of suspicious juveniles on Makassar. Area checked, not located.

9:13 pm – Traffic light out at Dempsey and Cairo. Repair crew notified.

Other Sunday; 6 false alarms, 1 dome light on (accidental), 3 open doors found, 1 motorist assist (flat tire), 1 assist other agency (back up), 1 missing teenager (later located).

NOTE; starting in 2016 (beginning with this posting), suicide threats and suicide attempts (lacking a compelling need to inform the public) will be reported on the daily activity blog as “medical issues”. This is to further protect medical privacy. Violent acts or threats that occur in public, or incidents that involve a threat to public safety, will continue to be posted. We will periodically report the number of suicide threats and attempts that our officers respond to so that our residents stay informed about this important issue.