Warning for Parents; Teen abuse of alprazolam

BTPD - Warning for Parents.

There is an alarming trend among teenagers here in our community. Juvenile abuse of alprazolam (Trade name; Xanax) is on the rise in Blendon Township.

Alprazolam is a schedule 4 controlled substance; illegal without a prescription. Legitimate use is for treatment of anxiety & restlessness.

Common Street Names; Zany, Xany, Xannies, Zannies, Xanbars, Zany Bars or just “Bars”

Other street names; Totem Poles, School Bus. White Girls, Blue Footballs, Footballs.

Teen Alprazolam Abuse

Prevention is recommended to stop use before it can begin. Consider:

·         Having an honest conversation with your teen about the risks of alprazolam abuse.

·         Keep medications safe and accounted for in the home.

·         Be aware of behavioral changes in your teen.

·         Note sudden changes in the friends with whom your teen is spending time.

Learn more about alprazolam abuse at www.drugabuse.com