Weekend Police Activity; 29-30 October 2016


9:43 am – Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

7:24 pm - Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

10:09 pm – Juveniles playing “ding-dong-dash” on Bitterroot Drive. Area checked, not located.

11:47 pm – Juveniles stealing items from Speedway (Morse & SR3). Area checked, not located.

Other Saturday; 1 stand-by for property, 1 traffic complaint, 1 violation protection order, 1 domestic dispute, 3 assist other agency (BAC).


12:13 am – Barking dog complaint on Manila Drive. Owner advised.

2:04 am – Report of a male subject beating a female at Glengary Center. On arrival Officers located subjects matching the description. Both advised that there was no assault. Male charged with possession of Marijuana (summons). Both released to sober third parties.

3:36 pm – Report of solicitors on Bangasi Road. Political. No permit required.

4:01 pm - Report of a female passed out in a vehicle at Sunbury Plaza. Located vehicle and driver, all okay.

10:29 pm – OVI arrest; male driver, age 40; SR161 & Sunbury Road.

11 pm – Report of a mini-van pulling in and out of driveways on Oslo Dr. Area checked, not located.

Other Sunday; 1 domestic violence, 1 medical issue (infant death), 1 recovered property (purse, returned to owner), 1 parking complaint, 1 traffic complaint (deer in roadway-cleared), 1 well-being check, 1 stand-by for property.

MONDAY (early morning hours only)

2:29 am – Report of a suspicious male at Speedway (SR3 & Dempsey). Area checked, not located.

3:33 am – Injury crash; SR161 & Sunbury Road.

5:37 am – Car vs deer; SR3 s/o SR161.

Other Monday morning; 1 assist other agency (BAC), 1 domestic dispute.