Police Activity; Monday February 15, 2016

7:23am - SR 161/I270; non-injury crash.

7:49am - SR 161/270; disabled vehicle on berm.  Gone on arrival.

8:07am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; injury crash.

8:24am - Paris Ct.; employee at business receiving harassing text messages from unknown party. 

5:49pm - Report of a subject possibly selling drugs in the parking lot of a business on Morse Rd.  Officers were unable to locate the subject. 

10:05pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; officers observed a suspicious male loitering around a business.  Officers stopped and identified him, but determined nothing illegal was afoot. 

12:54am - Sunbury Rd/I270; injury crash.

1:42am - Paris Blvd; report of theft, possibly by a family member. 

5:13am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; injury crash. 

OTHER:  2 false alarms, 2 medical assist.