Weekend Police Activity; Friday-Monday, January 29-February 1, 2016


11:32am - SR 161/I270; bag of trash in roadway, officer was unable to locate.

12:20pm - Huber Ridge; shots fired heard in the area about 30 minutes prior to call.  Officers checked, but were unable to find the source or anything out of the ordinary.

1:50pm - SR 3/I270; reported domestic disturbance on the roadside.  Officers located two males changing a flat tire.  No disturbance noted.

4:31pm - SR 3/Cleveland Ave.; injury crash.

5:54pm - SR 3/I270; parking complaint, vehicle on the ramp, gone on arrival.

11:38pm - BTPD; caller was in the parking lot and believed someone was following him.  Officers checked the area for the vehicle, but did not locate it. 

12:03am - Abington Rd.; Tools were taken out of a truck by a male, black subject about an hour prior to the call.  Investigation continues.

1:47am - Area of Sunbury Rd./Valley Quail Blvd S.; caller reported an impaired driver, but stopped following the vehicle.  Officers were unable to locate it.

4:52am - Madrid Dr./Buenos Aires Blvd.; Arrested female, age 21, for drugs and paraphernalia out of traffic stop.

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 mutual aid to other PD


7:10am - Dempsey Rd/I270; dark colored car off on the shoulder, gone on arrival.

12:21pm - Buenos Aires Blvd.; neighbor dispute over loud noise.  Officers mediated to resolution.

1:31pm - Cleveland Ave.; vehicle parked on private business lot for 2 months.  Officer verified the vehicle was not reported stolen. 

3:05pm - Hoover Dam; car club members met and were revving engines.  Left after officers spoke with them.

3:39pm - Santiago Dr.; caller reported a male dressed in all black peeked in a neighbor's window around 9:30pm the night before. 

1:07am - Glengary Center; reported fight in the parking lot.  Turned out to be verbal argument and all parties left for the night.

1:50am - Adda Ave.; caller heard someone walking around outside.  Officers checked the area, but were unable to locate anyone.

OTHER:  1 civil dispute, 1 false alarm, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 open door (advised), 1 911 hang-up (phone problems).


8:40am - Riverpionte Place Aptmts; reported burglary.  Officers found no forced entry, and nothing taken.  Discussed possible alternative explanations with family members.

5:28pm - Minerva Lake Rd; BTPD officers assisted FCSO deputies with a search and arrest after a male subject fled on foot following a domestic dispute. 

5:56pm - Resident had license plate stolen, most likely while at Polaris.  Report taken.

11:30pm - WPD officers turned over wanted party to BTPD officers.  Male, age 21, arrested and posted bond at Clerk's office. 

OTHER:  1 medical assist, 1 mutual aid, 1 false alarm.


2:06pm - Sunbury Rd./Yellowhammer Dr.; elderly female on motorized cart.  Gone on arrival.

3:38pm - SR 3/Cooper Rd.; female appeared to be pushed out of red Jeep.  Officers were unable to locate the Jeep or the female.

6:11pm - Whitehall PD arrested female, age 32, with warrants through Blendon Twp.  BTPD took custody and transported her to jail on additional warrants through Minerva Park, Groveport and Columbus, too.

10:20pm - SR 161/I270; injury crash.

11:19pm - Paris Blvd; caller was subject to a Craigslist scam that they did not fall for.  No loss at this time. 

OTHER:  1 911 hang-up, 1 domestic dispute.