Police Activity; Thursday March 10, 2016

8:06 am – Report of a small child crying in front of a house on Paris Blvd. Officers arrived and the child (age 7) said she woke up and nobody was home. Mother pulled in to the driveway during the contact and stated that a high school age sibling was supposed to be at the home watching the child. Teenager had left for school just before mom got home against his mother’s instructions.

3:26 pm – Assault report; fight at the bus stop between middle school students on Mexico Ave.

6 pm – Elderly man observed walking on Smothers Road. Officer made contact. Man said he and his wife had an argument and his wife made him get out of the car and walk home. Officer gave him a ride home.

7:21 pm – Report that a package was stolen off of a front porch on Rockingham Court on March 3rd.

7:30 pm – Report of a wrong-way driver at I-270 and SR3. Area checked, not located.

9:07 pm – Suspicious male subject reported at a vacant house on Abington Road. Gone on arrival.

9:51 pm – Landlord found evidence of tenant drug abuse during an eviction on Ashbury Rd.

Other; 1 false alarm, 1 medical issue, 1 open garage door, 1 parking complaint, 1 adult missing person reported (located).

Friday (early morning hours)

1:20 am – Complaint of a barking dog in an open garage. Officer contacted the owner and advised on both.