Police Activity; Tuesday March 22, 2016

7:51 pm – Complaint of speeding and loud exhaust on Valley Quail South. Driver was located in Sunbury Woods at his residence and advised to cease speeding in the neighborhood and to get his muffler fixed.

9:55 pm – Car vs deer; Ulry & Warner.

Wednesday (early morning hours)

12:01 am – Area of SR161 & SR3; Traffic violator stopped for no front tag. Male driver (age 27) arrested for OVI, stolen car, stolen gun under the front seat, possession of drugs.

4:06 am – BTPD Officer found a man sleeping in a car at a business on Westerville Road. Said he was an employee, early for work. Verified with business owner.

Other; 1 phone scam, 2 false alarms, 1 medical issue, 1 parking complaint, motorist assist.