Weekend Police Activity; March 25-26-27, 2016


7:20 am – Report of a vehicle break-in from overnight on Executive Parkway.

10:19 am - Suspicious male reported to be walking on Smothers Rd. Area checked, not located.

11:59 am – Suspicious female reported to be walking at Sunbury & SR161. Area checked, not located.

12:17 pm – False alarm. Juvenile caller reported a fire at Huber Ridge School. No fire. Under investigation.

12:18 pm – Disturbance at a used car lot on Westerville Road. Parties separated. Report taken.

12:41 pm - Recovered property. Purse found on Executive Parkway. Returned to owner. No items missing.

12:51 pm - Report of a vehicle break-in from overnight on Chickadee Ct. Items stolen.

2:52 pm – Multiple 12-packs of Red Bull stolen from a business at Sunbury Plaza.

4:03 pm – Caller reports that while getting service at a nail salon on Morse Road, someone broke the back window out of her vehicle. No items stolen.

5:33 pm - Disturbance at a used car lot on Westerville Road. Same business, different customer. Civil dispute over title.

Other Friday; 1 false alarm, 1 identity theft.


12:29 am – Minerva Park Police stopped a driver with arrest warrants from BTPD. Male, age 31, transported to jail.

1:18 pm – German Shepherd found on Lima Dr. Returned to owner.

1:44 pm – Customer reported an assault by employees at a used car lot on Westerville Rd. No visible injuries. Under investigation.

4:27 pm – Dog from Varadero Drive bit a child on Montevideo Drive. Child to Hospital. Animal Control is handling the investigation and citation of the dog owner.

8:33pm – Caller reported a disturbance, men with guns, at a barber shop on Westerville Rd. Gone on arrival. Business owner advised there was no issue that required police. Declined to file a report.

10:19 pm - Band playing outside on Kilbourne Ave. Noise complaint. Band advised to shut down.

11:18 pm – Noise complaint on Executive Parkway. Loud video games. Advised to turn it down.

Other Saturday; 4 open garage doors found, 1 open vehicle door found, 1 telephone threat, 3 false alarms, 1 internet harassment, 1 domestic dispute.


12:01 am – Caller reported hearing a prowler at a residence on Hempstead Rd. House and area checked, nothing located.

1:07 am – BTPD Officer observed a suspicious male walking on Montevideo Dr. & made contact. Subject stated he was lost. No warrants. No violation. Subject got back into his vehicle and left the neighborhood. Appeared that he suddenly re-gained his sense of direction.

9:45 am – Vehicle on the side of Smothers Road at Schott Road, partially blocking the lane of travel and entirely missing a rear wheel & tire. BTPD Officer contacted the owner who stated he could not afford a tow truck. Officer impounded the vehicle and advised the owner that the tow bill and daily storage fees would be required to get his vehicle back.

11:02 am – Report of a woman running in and out of traffic at I-270 & SR3 attempting to get hit by a car. Area checked, nothing found.

7:49 pm – Report of a man having difficulty crossing Sunbury & Executive. Disabled pedestrian. BTPD Officer gave him a ride home.

8:33 pm – Barking dog complaint on Canberra Ct. Owner advised.

Other Sunday; 2 open garage doors found, 1 false alarm, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 lockout, 1 medical issue, 1 missing teenager (located).

Monday (early morning hours)

4:04 am – Caller reported that they thought they heard someone inside their house in Sunbury Woods. Officers checked the house and area. Nothing located.