Weekend Police Activity; Friday-Monday, April 8-11, 2016


10:18am - Lee Rd.; caretaker of vacant property requested officers walk through property with him.

11:06am - SR 161/I270; bale of hay in roadway.  Unable to locate.

4:54pm - Glengary Center; report of a female subject panhandling.  Advised.

12:45am - Kilbourne Ave.; civil/domestic dispute over custody of a child. No crime committed.

2:58am - Dempsey/Hempstead; broken-down vehicle.  Arrangements made to tow it by the owner.

4:47am - Camellia Ct; officer was flagged down about two male subjects breaking into vehicles.  Officer Rees stopped and ID'd a subject in a vehicle matching the description given (dark-colored Buick) but driver was not found to be in possession of any known stolen property. 

5:42am - Camellia Ct.; theft from unlocked vehicle.  

OTHER:  1 medical assist, 1 juvenile complaint.



7:22am - Sunbury Rd/SR 161; non-injury crash.

7:22am - Sunbury Rd/SR 161; injury crash.

7:23am - Sunbury Rd./SR 161; non-injury crash.

9:11am - Central College Rd.; injury crash.

9:42am - Bluebird Ct.; damage to and theft from a vehicle.

9:58am - Bluebird Ct; theft from vehicle.

1:38pm - Camellia Ct; theft from vehicle.

2:21pm - BTPD; vehicle parked on the lot was struck overnight.  Investigation pending.

2:31pm - Bluebird Ct.; theft from vehicle.

4:39pm - I270/SR 161; tow truck requested traffic control assistance.

8:18pm - Kilbourne Ave.; screaming heard.  Found to be young girls playing.

11:10pm - I270/SR 3; non-injury, hit-skip crash.

1:24am - Carnation Dr/VQB; Male subject fled on foot at sight of officers.  Unable to be located.

1:54am - Morse Rd.; male stranded at business.  Given courtesy ride home.

2:19am - Triton Ct.; parking complaint. 

6:22am - Walnut St.; suspicious vehicle at church.  Turned out to be staff members.

OTHER:  1 mutual aid, 2 juvenile complaints.



2:55pm - Cleveland Ave.;  resident-tenant dispute. 

6:06pm - Sharon Rd./Abington Rd.; parking dispute, resolved.

7:28pm - Paris Blvd.; medium sized white dog running in caller's yard.  Unable to locate.

9:36pm - Dakar Rd.; caller was 'pizza pranked'. 

9:54pm - SR 3/I270; non-injury crash.

12:32am - VQBS/Yellowhammer Dr.; officers located three subjects walking in the area.  No criminal activity, given courtesy ride.

2:39am - Bitterroot Dr.; barking dogs.  Homeowner advised.

2:43am - Panama Dr.; barking dogs.  No barking observed.

6:49am - SR 161/I270; injury crash.

OTHER:  1 vehicle lockout, 1 mutual aid, 1 open door.



6:50am - SR 161/I270; non-injury crash.

1:25pm - Executive Pkwy; report of stolen vehicle.  Determined the vehicle was repossessed. 

1:40pm - BTPD; wanted subject turned himself in on warrants.  Male, age 45 arrested and transported to jail.

3:38pm - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; broken-down vehicle.  Gone on arrival.

5:47pm - Batavia Rd.; online facilitated theft scam.

7:28pm - SR 161/I270; injury crash.

5:41am - Thrasher Loop; caller reported hearing something dragged outside.  Officers checked the area finding no one.  Another resident thought he heard someone trying to open his garage door.  No loss reported at this time. 

OTHER:  1 suicide threat.