Weekend Police Activity; 15-16-17 April 2016


8:30 am – Report of newspapers scattered over several yards in the area of Dahlgreen & Hunt Club.

9am – Three teens with squirts guns at Cairo and Rangoon. Senior tag.

10:21 am – Report of a pedestrian in the roadway at SR161 & I-270. Area checked, not located.

10:33 am – Assisted Minerva Park with locating a wandering lost person. Located and returned to their residence.

4:27 pm – Report of a man walking near SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd carrying a firearm. Made contact with the individual. No violation of law.

4:53 pm – Sunbury Plaza; minor hit-skip crash. Suspect vehicle is a maroon SUV.

5:44pm – Assist Coroner with a death investigation in Sunbury Woods.

9:13 pm - Report of a panhandler at Sunbury Plaza. Subject located & advised that he was trespassing. Subject departed.

Other Friday; 1 traffic complaint, 1 stand-by for property.


2:51 am – Two female subjects harassing customers and damaging property at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Speedway declined to press charges. Subjects stated they were waiting for a ride. Officer gave them a ride.

7:42 am – Report of a theft from a vehicle overnight on Lisbon Pl.

8:15 am – Window smashed on a vehicle on Acapulco Pl. overnight. Nothing taken.

1:50 pm – Report of a female subject on an air conditioner next to a house on Dempsey Road. Officers made contact. Resident locked out, trying to get in to her own house.

1:59 pm – Report of a sick raccoon on Panama Dr. Went down the sewer.

7:20 pm – Resident in Huber Ridge thought she heard someone in her house. Officer checked house, nothing found.

Other Saturday; 7 open garage doors found (late night/early morning), 2 domestic disputes, 1 false alarm, 3 traffic complaints, 1 parking complaint.


12:34 am – Report of a suspicious vehicle on Santiago Drive. Area checked, not located.

1:05 am – BTPD Officer observed a pick-up truck pulling out of Sunbury Plaza with a male driver and a female subject in the bed of the truck screaming. Vehicle stopped. Female (age 22) arrested for domestic violence, assault and falsification.

1:39 am – BTPD made contact with a suspicious subject/vehicle driving around Huber Ridge. No charges.

3:13 am – Injury crash; SR161 east of Sunbury. On CPD jurisdiction.

3:35 pm – Male subject (age 33) out of an earlier domestic violence in Columbus, located and arrested at Hoover Dam Park.

Other Sunday; 1 traffic complaint, 1 false alarm, 1 barking dog (owner advised), 1 domestic dispute, 1 lockout, 3 open garage doors found.

Monday (early morning hours)

2:57 am – BTPD Officer observed suspicious male & female walking on SR3. Given a ride to their destination.

5:14 – 5:54 am – Thefts from 4 vehicles overnight discovered. Three on Acapulco Place and one on Harbin Drive.