UPDATE: Theft From Vehicles (TFVs) April 20, 2016

BTPD Officers, working with Westerville Police (WPD) and the Franklin County Sheriff’s  Office (FCSO), made two apprehensions of theft suspects in the areas of Sunbury Woods and Huber Ridge early this morning. These two incidents appear to be completely unrelated. We do not have reason to believe that these two suspects were working together this morning or in the past. Over the past few weeks there has been an “explosion” in the rate of TFVs over the entire northeast side of Franklin County and southern Delaware County. BTPD has had extra officers in marked cruisers and unmarked cars in Huber Ridge and Sunbury Woods during the past two weeks. Over the past few days we have leveraged the assistance of other agencies to put even more law enforcement officers into these neighborhoods at night. Similar “saturation patrols” have been initiated in adjoining jurisdictions where the rate of TFVs has also drastically increased over the past few weeks. Our BTPD Detective Bureau has been working these cases and has recovered a firearm stolen from one vehicle, and in a separate investigation, located a laptop stolen from another vehicle. We are currently working to bring charges of receiving stolen property against the individuals responsible in these cases. This is a very widespread problem. I do not believe that these two arrests this morning, or the future pending charges, will completely end the current crime spree. I am asking all Blendon Township residents to not drop their guard. Do not leave valuables in vehicles and report any suspicious activity RIGHT AWAY by calling our radio dispatcher at 614.889.9494. We will continue to have extra officers on patrol for the near term. Chief Belford.