Police Activity; Wednesday April 27, 1016

2:15 pm – Injury crash; Bicycle into the curb on SR3 s/o Dempsey Rd.

6:51 pm - Injury crash; Sunbury & I-270.

8:42 pm – Report of a suspicious male subject at Sunbury Plaza. Area checked, not located.

9 pm – Report of a window broken at a church on Cleveland Avenue.

Other Wednesday; 1 juvenile complaint, 1 civil dispute, 1 tenant dispute, 1 well-being check, 1 open garage door found.

Thursday (early morning hours)

3:01 am – Officer made contact with a male subject walking at Dempsey and Hempstead. Just out walking around. No violation.

Other (early); 1 open garage door found, 1 open car hatch found (left open by owner).