Police Activity; Sunday Evening & Monday, 8-9 May, 2016

Sunday (after 5:30 pm)

8:37 pm – Trespass on Manitou Dr. Four adults looking for access point to fish at Hoover Reservoir. Advised that they were on private property.

9:06 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

9:55 pm – Check house in Cleveland Heights for possible intruder. No evidence of an intruder found.

Other Sunday; 1 traffic complaint, 1 text threats, 1 open door found.


7:33 am – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

9:33 am – Report of an impaired driver at Huber Ridge School. Driver checked, not impaired.

11:01 am – Report of two male subjects breaking into a vacant house on Minerva Ave. No subjects present, rear window broken. Owner contacted.

2:22 pm – Report of a toddler and a pit bull outside alone in the area of Mexico & Managua. Both belonged to a home nearby. Mother and boyfriend asleep in the home. Case referred to Franklin County Children’s Services.

3:17 pm – Report of a burglary on Woodvale Ct. Under investigation.

Other Monday; 5 traffic complaints, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 lockout, 1 domestic dispute.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

12:37 am – Two adult male subjects walking at Paris and Buenos Aires, Said they were visiting a friend nearby but could not say where (or even describe where) the “friend” lived. Stated they rode their bikes here from Columbus. Subjects led the officers to where they had stashed their bikes next to a house on Varadero Dr. Homeowner on Varadero did not know the subjects and they did not know him. 3 bikes found, third subject not located. No charges. Last seen riding out of the Township.

1:35 am – Report of a possible prowler heard on Banagsi Rd. Area checked extensively. Not located.

5:07 am – Female driver (age 31) found passed out in a car at Speedway (SR3 & Dempsey). Small child in the car. Driver charged with OVI. Child turned over to her grandmother.

Other; 1 open door found.