Police Activity; Tuesday May 10, 2016

7 am – Report of shots heard on Cubbage Road. Area checked, nothing found.

11:27 am – Report of a theft from vehicle (TFV) on Spohn Dr.

12:05 pm – Humane Society removed pets from a house in Huber Ridge. Owner hospitalized.

1:03 pm – Aggressive male subject asking to cut lawns on Brazzaville Rd. Officer made contact with the subject on Manila Dr. Advised.

5:14 pm – Report of two bikes stolen from a home on Lima Dr.

7:11 pm – Panhandler at Sunbury and Valley Quail S. Advised.

7:24 pm – Report of a theft from vehicle (TFV) on Spohn Dr.

Other; 1 civil dispute, 1 threat, 2 domestic disputes, 2 open doors found, 1 assist other agency (back up).

NOTE: Advice varies on how to protect yourself from thieves who steal items from parked vehicles. Some say leave the doors unlocked so the thief does not break your windows. Some say lock your doors. Which is right? It depends on which thief shows up. Some only prey on unlocked vehicles. Some only break windows. Some break the windows on cars that were unlocked because they don’t bother to check the door handles. Some use criminal tools that they slide in between the window and door. But one thing is for sure…if you don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, the thief can’t steal what isn’t there. Please, do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Day or night. And, as always, if you see or hear anything suspicious, call us RIGHT AWAY at 614.889.9494. Chief Belford