Police Activity; Mon-Wed, May 23-25, 2016


8:41am - Fox Run; reported theft of lawnmower.  Located subject who stated the mower was actually trash. 

11:11am - SR 3/I270; non-injury crash.

11:20am - BTPD; found dog brought to police department.  Owner advised and claimed dog. 

11:25am - Paris Blvd; reported theft from residence.

1:58pm - Stockholm Rd.; solicitor call- located Columbia Gas employees searching for a address, not soliciting. 

3:19pm - Sunwood Pl; threat report.

4:01pm - 4300 blk, SR3; male subject patronized a business and left without paying.  Investigation continues.

5:20pm - Stockholm Rd; assisted locating an elderly female that had wandered off. 

6:00pm - 6400 blk of Sunbury Rd.; assist motorist getting gas back to her broken-down vehicle.

7:07pm - Executive Pkwy; threats by phone report.

OTHER:  1 juvenile complaint, 1 speed complaint, 1 domestic dispute, 1 medical assist, 1 mutual aid.



8:45am - SR 3/Paris Blvd; non-injury crash.

9:32am - Sunbury/SR 161; broken down vehicle. 

12:34pm - Pasque Ct.; barking dog.  Advised. 

2:44pm - Sunbury Plaza; lost pedestrian given courtesy ride to Easton. 

3:59pm - Carnation Dr.; suspicious person in caller's garage.  Subject was gone on arrival, nothing taken, unable to locate.

4:29pm - Morse Rd.; stolen vehicle, found to actually have been repo'ed. 

4:40pm - Copenhagen/Madrid; solicitors.  Unable to locate.

9:39pm - Walnut/Schott Rd.; injured deer.  Unable to locate.

9:49pm - Sunbury Plaza; verbal dispute.  Parties gone on arrival.

OTHER:  1 juvenile complaint.



7:00am - BTPD; non-injury crash reported at business on Sunbury Rd.

8:45am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; non-injury crash.

9:36am - Executive Pkwy; parking complaint.  Drivers notified and moved.

10:54am - 4600 blk of Cleveland Ave; Reported theft of wallet left at a business last week.

11:29am - Sunbury Plaza; reported subject jumping on vehicles.   Unable to locate, no damage reported.

1:00pm - 5900 blk of SR 3; reported B&E.  Investigation continues.

3:16pm - Karikal Dr.; report of vehicle damaged overnight.

4:31pm - Sunbury/Executive Pkwy;  non-injury crash.

5:16pm - Paris/Stockholm; suspicious person on a bicycle.  Unable to locate.

9:04pm - Saigon Dr.; suspicious person asked to use resident's restroom.  Unable to locate.

9:15pm - Lima Dr; dispute over ownership of property.  Resolved.

10:07pm - Batavia Rd.; reported person with gun, with a shot heard.  Turned out to be fireworks and a subject with a cell phone.  Advised.

10:17pm - Bitterroot Dr.; neighbor dispute.

5:26am - Rangoon Dr.; suspicious male looking into vehicles.  Officers located known resident, no criminal activity discovered.

6:21am - Dempsey Rd.; suspicious male, same subject from above call. 

6:29am - VQBS; report of woman screaming.  Found to be resident yelling at their dog. 

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 medical assist, 1 mutual aid.