Police Activity; Thursday May 26, 2016

7:25 am – Window reported broken in a home overnight on Paris Blvd.

10:48 am – Report of an intoxicated adult female laying in the grass at Hoover Dam Park. Checked by medics, released to her mother.

12:37 pm – Teen causing a disturbance at a business at Glengary Center. Nobody willing to file charges.

4:23 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & Valley Quail South.

7:28 pm – Several calls about a shaggy haired male in baggy clothes believed to be homeless walking in Sunbury Woods. BTPD Officers were tied up on a domestic violence complaint, automatic back up by FCSO, who checked the man and found no reason to file charges.

Other; 1 juvenile complaint, parking complaint, lost elderly man (returned home), one domestic violence (male arrested),  2 traffic complaints, 1 fail to pay on a taxi ride home (mediated).

Friday (early morning hours)

2:33 am – OVI arrest on SR161; Male driver, age 27.