Police Activity; Thursday June 9, 2016

5:50 am – Non-injury crash; Manitou Dr.

8:00 am – Intoxicated female found asleep in a car just south of Blendon Twp. off Sunbury Road. Heavy damage & weeds and grass in the undercarriage. Columbus police requested assistance locating the crash scene where the damage had occurred. BTPD officers searched the Township but were unable to locate a crash site.

9:32 am – Non-injury crash; Hempstead Rd.

3:00 pm – Caller at a used car lot on Westerville Rd. wanted to report that items were stolen out of her car when it was repossessed. The caller then got upset and threw a jack through the window of a car on the lot. Caller charged with criminal damaging.

3:07 pm – Sunbury and Yellowhammer. Westerville Police broadcast the description of a possible drunk driver. Stopped by BTPD. Not drunk.

5:29 pm - Deer in a yard on Carthage Ct. Not located.

6:46 pm – Report of a suspicious vehicle on Montford Dr. Gone on arrival.

9:10 pm – Male subject on Bunting Court asking for money for gas. Gone on arrival, area checked, not located.

11:23 pm – Complaint of loud late basketball again at the church on Dempsey Rd. Players advised to end the game. They complied.

11:40 pm – BTPD stopped a bicycle rider for a violation at SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd. Male, age 23, arrested for theft warrant.

Friday (early morning hours)

1:19 am – Report of a male subject reclined in a car at the pumps at Speedway (SR3 & Dempsey), not getting gas. Gone on arrival.

1:55 am – BTPD observed a female jay-walker almost struck by a car at Morse & SR3. Female subject, age 31, had an active warrant for theft. Arrested and transported to jail.

Other; 1 traffic complaint, 1 civil dispute, 1 telephone threats, 1 parking complaint, 1 false alarm.