Police Activity; Wednesday & Thursday, 22 & 23 June, 2016


9:42am - Executive Pkwy; found property.

12:11pm - Schott Rd./Smothers Rd.; parking complaint.  Found subject waiting for the rest of his group who were lost in traffic.

1:38pm - Cairo Rd./Bangasi Rd.; solicitors w/out permits.  Advised.

1:51pm - Bangasi Rd.; non-injury crash.

2:05pm - Sunbury Plaza; non-injury crash.

6:46pm - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; non-injury, hit skip crash.

7:10pm - Buenos Aires Blvd; solicitor w/out permit.  Advised.

7:21pm - Sunbury Plaza; panhandler.  Advised and left property.

8:43pm - Hoover Dam; reported impaired driver, last seen east on Central College.  Unable to locate.

9:24pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; civil dispute among acquaintances. 

2:57am - SR 161/Hamilton Rd.; injury crash.

OTHER:  5 false alarm, 3 open doors, 1 mutual aid, 1 medical assist



11:30am - 2800 blk Morse Rd.; civil dispute at business.  Advised.

11:30am - BTPD walk-in; report of reckless driver in Huber Ridge, who was followed by resident and gestured at him. 

3:20pm - Cubbage Rd.; solicitor w/out permit.  Advised.

4:13pm - Hoover Dam; animal complaint.  Raccoon wandered off before officers arrived.

4:13pm - 3300 blk of Morse Rd.; civil dispute at business.  Advised.

4:54pm - Central College/Cubbage Rd.; non-injury crash.

6:23pm - E. Dublin-Granville Rd; non-injury crash.

7:35pm - Claridon Rd.; black Dodge speeding.  Unable to locate.

9:19pm - Sunbury Plaza; reported theft of soda. 

12:48am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd.; reported theft.  subject identified and property recovered and returned.

1:58am - Cooper/SR 3; subject summonsed for possession of marijuana during traffic stop.

OTHER:  1 domestic complaint, 1 vehicle lockout, 3 false alarms, 2 mutual aid assist, 1 juvenile complaint