Update; BTPD Social Media

Facebook is only one part of our on-line presence and social media outreach at the Blendon Township Police Department. Our primary web-based tool for reaching the public is our Township website at  www.blendontwp.org. This is a great source for all Blendon Township events, services and activities, not just the police department. On the Police page of the Township website you will find our most visited page, the Daily Police Activity Blog, but there is much more than just the daily blog. You can file a police report on-line. Info is also available on Transient Vendors (solicitors), our Township Dog and Parking Ordinances, Sex Offender registration, Vacation House Watch sign up, etc.

When we update our website we try to always post a notice on the various neighborhood Facebook pages that there is new info to view. Over the last two weeks there were a few times that the notice on Facebook did not get posted (for several different reasons). Please realize that if that happens you can still go straight to our website to view the most current info (like the Daily Blog). The blog was updated, only the Facebook notification was not posted.

We also have Township Text alerts, which you can sign up for on the main “Home” page of the Township website. Important Note; We know many of you don’t like to sign up for text alerts because you don’t want your in-box clogged up with every lost cat and bake sale on the planet. I assure you that this text alert is used very sparingly. We average only two or three alerts a year, and mainly for important incidents like school lockdowns or major traffic shutdowns; such as a fatal traffic crash. In the event of an active shooter or a homeland security type real-world crisis in, or effecting, Blendon Township we would send out a text alert.

We are 100% committed to maintaining a strong presence on-line, digitally, and on social media; Website, Facebook and Text Alerts. It is only through a real partnership with the community, with real two-way dialogue, that we can deliver the full-spectrum of police services that our residents have come to know and expect. We did “community policing” here in Blendon Township before it was ever a catch phrase; serving our residents with a “first name and a handshake”. That continues into the age of digital information and social media. Thanks, Chief Belford.

P.S. Don't forget that you are still always welcome to go "low tech" and just call us on the phone or stop by the office!