Police Activty; Thursday June 30, 2016

5:34 pm – Employee of a business at Sunbury Plaza arrested for a warrant out of Gahanna. Female subject, age 39, turned over to GPD.

6:53 pm – Checked a house in Sunbury Woods. Resident thought someone was inside. Nothing found.

7:43 pm – Vandalism; Bench at Hoover Dam Park found spray painted.

Other; 4 juvenile complaints, 1 false alarm, 1 motorist assist, 1 theft (internal), 1 well-being check, 1 assist other agency, 1 medical issue, 1 fireworks complaint, 2 open doors found.

Friday (early morning hours)

12:13 am Report of an intoxicated couple at Speedway (SR3 & Dempsey). Gone on arrival.

12:32 am – Car stuck on top of a large rock near SR161 & SR3. Location actually in Columbus. BTPD held the scene until CPD could arrive. CPD arrested the male driver for OVI.

3:30 am – Report of a fight in front of a bar at Sunbury Plaza. Combatants gone on arrival.