Police Activity; Mon-Tues, July 11-12, 2016


12:18pm - 5700 blk of Buenos Aires Blvd.; parking complaint.  Vehicle was found to be legally parked.

3:12pm - SR 161/Buenos Aires; injury crash.

4:04pm - Sunbury Plaza; dog locked in vehicle.  Gone on arrival.

7:28pm - Ravine Dr.; solicitor found with Westerville permit.  Advised.

8:25pm - 5900 blk SR 3; report of power lines down.  Determined to be cable lines. 

10:00pm - Sunbury/Executive Pkwy; non-injury crash. 

11:00pm - Hoover Dam; assist Rangers with herding Pokémon players out of the park after hours. 

1:23am - Hoover Dam; more Pokémon players.

OTHER:  1 civil dispute, 1 open door, 1 vehicle lockout, 1 medical assist.



7:57am - SR 161/Buenos Aires Blvd; injury crash.

9:33am - Panama Dr.; resident reported her dog was attacked by loose dog from LaPaz Ct.  Animal Control responded and cited the owner.

10:37am - Paris Ct. East; assisted Code Enforcement removing a deceased skunk from a yard.

11:29am - Fox Run; report of dog left in vacant home.  Resident was contacted and advised he was on vacation and someone was taking care of the dog.  

1:00pm - Caracas Dr.; theft of trash can.

2:13pm - Paris Blvd; solicitors w/out permits.  Unable to locate.

6:19pm - Kilbourne Ave; non-injury crash.

6:25pm - Carnation Rd.; solicitors w/out permit.  Advised.

6:42pm - Buenos Aires/Mexico Dr.; solicitor w/out permit.  Advised.

7:53pm - Hoover Dam area; sick raccoon, located and euthanized. 

9:13pm - SR 3/Paris Blvd; non-injury crash.

11:00 pm - SR 161/SR 3; vehicle blocking roadway.  Gone on arrival.

11:11pm - 3000 blk Morse Rd.; reported theft from business. 

1:06am - Magnolia Pl; suspicious red sedan, occupied.  Officers contacted and identified occupants, but found no criminal activity. 

3:13am - SR 3/SR 161; vehicle partially blocking roadway, unoccupied.  Impounded.

6:27am - BTPD; Gracious resident just stopped by to say "thank you" for our service.  "You're Welcome!"

OTHER:  3 mutual aid, 2 medical assist, 1 civil dispute, 2 open doors