Police Activity; Wednesday July 14, 2016

3:13 pm - A Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy was following a car that had been reported stolen. Several police departments responded to back up the deputy. All converged at Sunbury Plaza, where the car finally was stopped.

7:53 am – Non injury crash; SR3 & SR161.

1:05 pm – Truck hit cable TV wire behind Aldi’s Glengary Center.

4:27 pm – Non-injury crash; Cooper & Stormcroft.

5:44 pm – Report of suspicious persons at a business on Morse Rd. Area checked, not located.

5:45 pm - Non-injury hit-skip crash; Sunbury Plaza. Under investigation.

Other; 1 domestic dispute, 1 parking complaint, 3 false alarm, 1 open door found.

Thursday (early morning hours)

2:37 am - Injury crash on SR161 near Sunbury Road overpass. At-fault driver continued driving to Sunbury Plaza where she was stopped and arrested for OVI. (female, age 34).