Police Activity; Tuesday July 26, 2016

7:21 am – Stolen car recovered parked at a business on Westerville Rd.

7:52 am – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & Valley Quail South.

9:00 am – Report of a suspicious person on Makassar Dr. Worker at a neighbor’s house.

1:09 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

3:41 pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Sunbury Rd.

3:50 pm – Report of a dog in an unattended car at Sunbury Plaza.  Windows down and water was left for the dog. Owner was advised that with very high temperature even that might not be enough. Dog was okay.

6:41 pm – Report of juveniles harassing geese at Hoover Dam Park. Juveniles located and advised.

7:10 pm – Report of a solicitor on Cautela Dr. Located and advised.

Other; 1 telephone harassment, 1 civil dispute, 1 assist other agency (WPD), 1 traffic complaint, 1 open door, 2 false alarms.

Wednesday (early morning hours)

4:03 am – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Sunbury Rd.

Other; 1 medical issue.