Police Activity; Wednesday August 17, 2016

10:53 am - Report of items stolen from multiple vehicles parked on the lot of a Westerville Road business.

11 am – Report of fuel pumped out of a tank by someone over the past week at a different business on Westerville Road.

12:56 pm – Disturbance at a used car lot on Westerville Road. Officer mediated a peaceful resolution.

1:37 pm – Report of an unknown subject knocking on a door and running away on Arnett Court. Area checked, not located.

5:37 pm – Suspicious vehicle left on the lot of a used-car lot on Westerville Road. Owner contacted.

Other; 1 notification, 1 false alarm, 3 text threats, 1 verbal threat, 1 domestic violence (male subject arrested).

Thursday (early morning hours)

5:09 am – Unwanted person at a residence on Abbington Road. Subject started a small fire in the resident’s yard. Subject was intoxicated, uncooperative, and had been previously warned about trespassing at this residence. Male subject (age 40) arrested for disorderly conduct and trespass. Transported to jail.