100 Most Dangerous Intersections

Yesterday, MORPC released the list of the 100 most dangerous intersections in Central Ohio. With Number 1 (Broad & James) being the worst… SR161 & Buenos Aires was ranked #14 out of 100.  The level of danger at this intersection must be reduced. I will work with ODOT and try to push for traffic engineering solutions. In the meantime, our officers will increase traffic safety enforcement and conduct high-visibility patrol operations to reduce speeding and crashes in the area. We will accomplish this without neglecting traffic safety in the other areas of the Township, as well as our other law enforcement, crime prevention and community relations duties.

This is all about safety. Getting drivers to slow down (drive the speed limit) as they approach this dangerous intersection will reduce the number of crashes, and help reduce the seriousness of injuries when crashes do occur. Enforcing the traffic signal and other moving violations should have the same effect. Please slow down and drive defensively so all of us can arrive at our destinations safely. Thank you, Chief Belford