Police Activity; Tuesday August 30, 2016

7:37 am – Vehicle left running at Speedway (Morse & SR3) while the driver went into the store. Stolen. Under investigation.

8:57 am – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & Watt.

9:03 am – Non-injury crash; Central College Road.

10:27 am – Report of suspicious person on Batavia Rd. Local resident trying to sell his moped.

2:42 pm - Report of property stolen from a garage on Karikal Court.

3:38 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

7:15 pm – Purse found on Smothers Road. Stolen earlier same date in Delaware County.

10:09 pm – Report of a suspicious person at Brazzaville & Dakar. Area checked, not located.

Other; 1 assist other agency (MPPD – alarm), 2 false alarms, 1 violation of protection order, 1 cell phone reported stolen, 1 traffic complaint.

Wednesday (early morning hours)

2:56 am – Two subjects sitting in a car playing loud music on Harbin Drive. Officer made contact, both went into their residence.

3:14 am – Customer refusing to leave McDonald’s Sunbury Plaza. Officer convinced him to leave without further disturbance.

4:55 am – Assist MPPD; Male subject knocking on a door on Alder Vista Dr. Had the wrong house, resident called police. Subject (age 42) was intoxicated and had an arrest warrant for a traffic offense.

Other; 1 open garage door found, 1 traffic complaint.