Police Activity; Wednesday August 31, 2016

11:44 am – Report of a subject walking on SR 161. Area checked, not located.

7:39 pm – Pile of brushed blocking the roadway on Ashbury Road. Moved to the side.

Other; 1 traffic complaint, 1 found property, 3 false alarms, 1 domestic dispute.

Thursday (early morning hours)

3:01 am – Male and female adult subjects sitting in Ridgewood Park.  Park closed. Both just “hanging out”.  Their car was in the parking lot but neither was a licensed driver. Stated they would leave the car, walk home, and send back a licensed driver to get it. Both were given a ride by the Officer to the Morse Road area.

3:38 am – Area of Hempstead and Gentlewind in the area of recent thefts from vehicles. 3 subjects observed (2 were age 18, 1 age 17). Officer made contact; they stated they were just out walking. Adults continued walking, juvenile released to a parent.