Weekend Police Activity; Friday-Saturday, September 16-18, 2016


12:43pm - Paris Blvd. N; suspicious subject in a black truck asked to use the phone.  Officers were unable to locate the subject.

5:01pm - Cooper Rd/Stormcroft Ave; injury crash.

6:03pm - Natalie Ct; suspicious vehicle with two occupants parked for over 20 minutes.  Gone on arrival.

6:26pm - Woodvale Ct. N; Burglary report.  Victim declined to allow officers to process the scene. 

6:30pm - Kilbourne Ave.; neighbor dispute over mail. 

6:44pm - Cairo Rd.; civil dispute over property.

7:00pm - Glengary Center; customer dispute over being trespassed from business.  Advised to contact Management by phone. 

7:48pm - Glengary Center; patron at a business was identified as suspect in a recent theft.  A female was charged with theft related to an incident earlier in the week.  Good work Officer Redd!

8:29pm - VQBS/Sunwood Pl.; suspicious white van occupied by a male.  Unable to locate.

10:24pm - 3000 blk Morse Rd.; customer's vehicle was stolen from the lot. 

11:03pm - Sunbury Plaza; reported criminal damaging, subject was hitting the pump with his hand.  Subject was gone on arrival, but officers found no damage.

11:48pm - State St./Lincoln St.; Westerville PD arrested a female subject, age 22 with BTPD warrants. 

12:35am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd.; theft from a business. 

1:19am - I270/SR 161; arrested male, age 20, for OVI on a traffic stop. 

4:08am - 2200 blk Sunbury Rd.; FCSO deputies located the vehicle reported stolen on Friday. 

5:27am - SR 161/Strawberry Farms Blvd.; injury crash.  

OTHER:  1 vehicle lockout, 1 medic assist, 1 domestic dispute, 2 false alarms.



10:06am - SR 161/Buenos Aires Blvd; assisted changing a flat tire.

10:24am - Carthage Dr.; suspicious person in a white van.  Found to be WOW employee.

11:02am - Glengary Center; customer dispute. 

11:18am - Vickers Dr.; garage sale dispute. 

11:19am - Oslo Dr.; barking dog.  All quiet on arrival.

11:43am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; reported car in the roadway.  Gone on arrival.

1:10pm - Fox Run/Saddle Ln; odor of natural gas.  Checked and cleared by Fire Department.

11:53pm - Morse Rd./SR 3; non-injury crash.

1:41pm - Makassar Rd.; solicitors without permit.  Located and advised.

10:00pm - Dempsey Rd.; noise complaint.  Advised.

OTHER:  1 medic assist, 1 false alarm, 1 mutual aid assist.



8:39am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd.; theft from a business.

11:59am - 6400 blk of Sunbury Rd.; bags of clothing items found.  Officers determined the owner and returned the property to the owner. 

1:41pm - 6200 blk of Sunbury Rd.; panhandler.  Located and advised.

1:25pm - Rangoon Dr.; barking dog.  Located and advised.

3:14pm - 2600 blk of Morse Rd.; theft from a business.

3:32pm - Brazzaville/Dakar Rd.; suspicious subject in the area.  Officers were unable to locate the subject.

4:15pm - Paris Blvd.; barking dog.  Located and advised.

5:07pm - I270/SR 161; injury crash.

8:46pm - Santiago/Bogata Dr.; minivan and another vehicle honking horns while repeatedly driving through the area.  Unable to locate. 

1:53am - SR 161/SR 3; Female, age 20, arrested for OVI and Underage Consumption during traffic stop. 

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 domestic dispute, 1 open door.