Police Activity; Monday September 26, 2016

1:41 pm – Hit-skip crash; SR161 & I-270.

4:45 pm – Hit-kip crash; on the lot of a business on Westerville Road.

5:48 pm – Caller found a Rhode Island Red chicken on her back porch in Huber Ridge. BTPD Officer safely captured the bird (without injury to the bird or to the Officer). Owner (a neighbor) claimed the bird at the police station. Owner stated that the bird was a temporary 4H project and not a permanent resident and that it would be gone in a few days.

Other; 2 parking complaints.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

2:30 am – Officer observed what appeared to be suspicious activity at a residence on Bitterroot Dr. Turned out to be a landlord doing an emergency repair.

3:57 am – Two vehicles ransacked on Manila Dr. No items stolen.

5:55 am – Caller reports that her car was stolen this morning while she was at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Under investigation.