Weekend Police Activity; February 10-11-12, 2017


11am - BTPD Officers (and cruisers) attended the funeral & procession for former Blendon Township PD & former Westerville PD Police Officer Eric Mumaw. Officer Mumaw died in the line of duty as a Nashville TN Police Officer when he drowned while trying to save a suicidal woman who had driven her car into a river.

7:15 pm – Injury crash; I-270 & SR161.

8:47 pm – Report of a stolen car on Executive Parkway. Turned out to have been repossessed.

9:30 pm – OVI Arrest; SR3 & Minerva Lake Road. Male driver, age 55.

Other Friday; 1 false alarm, 1 traffic complaint, 2 juvenile complaints, 1 missing juvenile (located & returned), 1 domestic violence.


3:33 am – Report of a man chasing a woman through a field alongside of Westerville Road. BTPD Officers made contact with the couple, who had been refused service (earlier that morning) at a bar at Glengary Center. The woman was running because she was upset about being refused service. The man was pursuing in support. Both were picked up by a sober third party.

2:12 am – Officer in trouble; Stygler s/o Morse Road. Deputy involved OK.

3:50 pm – Cookies dropped off to the police station. Thanks to the Turner Family!

3:55 pm – Non-injury hit/skip crash; Canberra Court.

5:28 pm - Cat lady feeding cats at a business on Westerville Road. Officer made contact. No violation.

7:43 pm – Report of a suspicious person looking in cars at a used-car lot on Westerville Road. Gone on arrival.

7:53 pm – Suspicious person at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Known person.

9:52 pm – Report of a possible drunk driver on Oslo Drive. Officer made contact, not impaired.

10:03 pm - Suspicious person at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Same known person as above. Gone on arrival.

Other Saturday; 1 traffic complaint, 2 assist other agency (MPPD), 1 lockout, 1 motorist assist (push).


3:36 am – BTPD Officer flagged down by a bloody man at Sunbury & I-270. Medics responded. Treated at scene for lacerations. Refused to go to hospital, given a ride home.

1:01 pm – Woman observed staggering to her car at Sunbury Plaza. Officer stopped vehicle. Not impaired but she was driving without a license. Cited and released.

3:02 pm – Report of shots on Cautela Drive. Officer located the source. Subject agreed to stop for the day.

Other Sunday; 3 false alarms, 1 recovered property, 1 lockout.

Monday (early morning hours only)

12:06 am – House fire on Manila Drive. Resident had put out the fire before police arrived. Fire department responded to the scene as a precaution to make sure fire was completely out. No injuries.